Karsyn is a scream

Most 7-year-olds are looking forward to summer vacation this week, but Karsyn Darby, 7, is looking forward to something much bigger, her TV debut on the MTV series “Scream.”

Karsyn got her start in acting after attending the American Talent Show/ Modeling Jam of America convention. The competition offers models, actors and entertainers of all ages a chance to show their talents.

“There was a medium-big stage that was long,” Karsyn said. “We had the curtains closed so we can get ready, and then the curtain opens and the music starts and we just danced.”

She won awards in the categories of runway, modeling and monologue as well as the overall category.

Casting director Carol Goldwasser was judging the competition, and Karsyn caught her eye. Goldwasser consulted with her hiring director friend Wendy Wright about signing Karsyn.

“When Carol got back to L.A. she said ‘you really need to talk to this child,’” her father Kirk Darby said. “Wendy called up, and Karsyn talked to her and Skyped with her. Wendy signed her, and that’s how we got started with her.”

The show is Karsyn’s first TV debut, although she has done modeling in the past.

“Scream” is a spinoff of the horror movie series baring the same name. It follows the story of high schooler Emma as a masked killer terrorizes her town and friends. The show features brutal murders, mystery and personal drama. Karsyn plays the younger version of the main character in the show, Emma.

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Karsyn Darby, 7, in makeup for her role in the MTV series "Scream".

Karsyn Darby, 7, in makeup for her role in the MTV series “Scream”.

Karsyn hangs with co-star Willa Fitzgerald between scenes.

Karsyn hangs with co-star Willa Fitzgerald between scenes.

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