Holley-Navarre Water System tackles proxies

Water system executive director Billy Sublett broached the subject of proxies at the Holley Navarre Water System board meeting held Sept. 22, a week later than usual. Board members, staff and vendors met around the board room table instead of their usual board seats. Sublett wanted approval of the board to send out a letter to the water board members regarding the election in Jan. 2016. The proposed letter would inform the members they could show up to vote on the assigned day, or come by the office or call the office for a proxy. Currently the water system bylaws state that proxies are allowed in the voting for new board members, but does not stipulate how proxies are to be used. “Don’t fool yourselves, we know how they (proxies) are controlled and swayed. Whoever collects the most proxies wins – that is not a true election,” said board member Troy Bossier. It was also brought up that 900 votes in the 2015 election were controlled by two people due to proxies. Board member and vice president of the water board, Bien May, felt that sending out 16,000 proxies assured a fair election and not sending out the proxies, impeded on members right to vote. “In my opinion we are impeding on the right to vote.” May then brought up the fact that two of the five board members were not present (James Calkins and Gaius Bruce) and perhaps they should table the discussion until all board members were present. The discussion and vote was delayed until a future meeting.

Other topics discussed:

  • Sending a letter to Santa Rosa County Administrator Hunter Walker requesting a conversation regarding Holley Navarre Water taking over the Navarre Beach Water system from Santa Rosa County.
  • August had 36 water tap  and 30 sewer taps – which is in line or a few more than 2014. August also saw a net profit of $44,791.88
  • A proposed meeting with Rep. Broxson regarding eliminating septic tanks using BP dollars, which is an initiative that Broxson started discussions on earlier last month.


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