Historical society names board members

The newly formed Holley-Navarre Historical Society held their first meeting Saturday and elected a board of directors for the group. Romi White, one of the organization’s founders, took no nominations from the floor.  Instead, she nominated Connie Clark as president, James Broxson as vice-president and Dee May as secretary/treasurer.  While a few in the audience were unaware of who those people were, the vote went forward and the board installed.  Two of the three board members were not present at the meeting.

The first order of business was to schedule a regular meeting date, however, no one could agree so it was decided they would post it on Facebook, gather feedback and make a decision.

The second order of business by Clark was her suggestion to rename the organization to the Holley Historical Society, eliminating “Navarre” from the group. Supporters of the group offered the reasoning of the name change – “this area grew from Holley,” one said.  “Holley was first, we paved the way,” said another.  Clark reiterated her point saying, “We just don’t want Navarre coming in and taking over us – I remember when I was little and they built Holley by the Sea.  I remember thinking they aren’t Holley – we are Holley.”  At the end of the discussion, it was decided to leave the name as it is, because as others pointed out, Navarre is rich in history as well.  A guest at the meeting said, “Is Navarre even welcome here?”

Romi White and Connie Clark

Romi White and Connie Clark

In her opening comments, Romi White said the reason she started the organization was to accurately and fairly preserve the history of Holley with the goal of setting up a museum.

A member of the audience asked if the group would be open or closed to the public, to which Clark stated that had not been decided yet and they would discuss it at the next meeting.

The video from this meeting can be viewed HERE. (Not the best quality – but worth listening to.)

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