Be aware of dog: Pit bulls claim October for awareness

10_23_pitbull2October is pit bull awareness month. Depending on whom you ask however, what you should be aware of is changes.

“We need Pit Bull Awareness Month because the media has done a wonderful job of villainizing them,” said Carrie Turner, who runs

Phoenix Rising Rescue, the only licensed pit bull rescue organization in the area. “The facts people think they know about this breed are so inaccurate; pit bull awareness helps to understand the real nature of the breed.”

But what are the facts? Most people have heard that pit bulls rank high in dog-bite fatalities, which they do. However, advocates say pit bulls are a very popular breed, are most likely to draw “bad owners” and are often misidentified by media and bystander reports.

According to Turner, they are also more likely to be abused.

“I went to a breed-specific rescue because 90 percent of calls I received were about pit bulls being misused and abused,” Turner said, adding that she has several dogs shipped each month from Miami that have been abused including those used as yard dogs, guard dogs and fighting dogs.

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