Church initiates positive rapport with law enforcement


Mutual respect.


These are elements key to the balance between a community and law enforcement on the heels of recent scenes in Ferguson and Milwaukee.

“Our nation is experiencing controversy, outrage, anger, fear, protests, and retaliation over the deaths and murders of African-Americans and law enforcement officers in cities throughout the country,” said church member Lisa Hiracheta Chia.  “Protests and media dialogue have highlighted and in certain cases, heightened these problems.  Our country is searching for ways to narrow the divide and mend relationships between its citizens and its law enforcement officials,” she said.

One local church has taken the initiative to reinforce this balance, which due to many factors, has emerged as precarious on both sides. New Life Deliverance Temple Church of Navarre recently reached out as part of its Youth Conference to encourage and restore all three of the above elements between its church members and law enforcement. Senior Pastor, Bishop Mark Williams and Pastor, Apostle Brenda Williams took the matter to heart, knowing this was a matter of utmost importance when they arranged the forum with the goal of developing and maintaining positive relationships with local law enforcement, and ultimately ensuring safety and nonviolence in the community.

More than 60-65 youths and their parents gathered on a recent Saturday for the Youth Conference to learn more about the word of God, according to Brenda Williams, which ended with a one-hour Q&A with local law enforcement representatives. “The youths were very much anticipating it and had lots of questions,” she said. Those questions and answers ended up being not only helpful, but applicable to everyone in their interactions with law enforcement.

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Photo 2_averting violence_Youth smiling at Town Hall at New Life Deliverance Temple Church

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