What’s in a name?

Hellllooooo Navarre! I’m the newest member of the Navarre Press family – they adopted me a few weeks ago and since then I have been one busy cat.

My name is Inkie – at least I think it is…I get called Inkie, Stinkie, Stinker, Precious, Baby Girl and sometimes No. Inkie suits me best because my favorite thing in the world is to play with newspaper and get my paws good and covered with ink and then leave a paw-print trail on the white furniture. It’s like a game of hide and seek – just follow my paws!

I also love greeting the people that come into the office! I usually want to surprise them so I sneak up on them and just pop out and say hi! It’s so funny when people jump – I’m sure it means they want to play so I start jumping too and it usually ends with my name changing to No Inkie. My favorite was when this one lady came in and I thought she was trying to play – it looked like she had my toy so I scrambled up her leg to get it. Then my name changed to Bad Inkie. People don’t get my sense of humor.

When I’m really wound up and attacking anything and everyone they call me Halloween kitty. I get lots of laughs as Halloween kitty because I arch my back up like a cartoon cat and jump around. There are plenty of videos floating around of that.

At lunch time I can be found in the kitchen trying my hardest to look as cute as possible and sometimes I can even muster up a really pitiful heart-wrenching meeeooooowww. My name turns into Precious Inkie and sometimes they will give me a tiny bite of their lunch. But other times I have to switch to Stubborn Inkie and stare them down, intimidate them until they break and give me a bite.

After lunch it is nap time for me. Miss Gail calls me Sleepy Inkie and takes me upstairs to my condo – top floor please. She rubs my belly and kisses my head and I’m off to dreamland for a couple of hours.

All in a day’s work. Yes – it’s a tough life – but some kitty has to do it. May as well be me!

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