My not so fun trip to the vet

Last week I was very excited to be going to have surgery at the vet’s office – I had no idea what surgery was…until now. I was sure it would be something fun since my friends wanted me to go. I want to be on the record as saying that while everyone there was nice, I do not like nor do I ever want surgery again. And I’m still trying to figure out why my friends wanted me to go there.

They put me on this table and one minute they were talking about giving a cat named “Ana” some steezia and then I don’t know what happened but at some point I woke up with a boo-boo on my belly, a purple bandage on my leg and everything looked fuzzy. I don’t remember any of it. Maybe I was abducted by aliens or something. I did see a big bright light shining down on me. The voices sounded weird and far away and it sure felt like I was probed.

Thankfully, one of my moms came and rescued me out of there before it was too late. Boy was I glad to see her. I’m feeling better now, except for a little coughing and soreness  – but the doctor said I’m OK. At any rate, I’m going to milk it for all its worth and its working. I get whatever I want. I think my friends feel bad for making go there – and they should. A little guilt goes a long way and I’m hoping to take this pretty far. I see more special stuff in my future…maybe a lick of some special almond milk that I love (hint, hint), a new mouse toy or a special treat. I think I can make it happen…speaking of…I feel a little “pain” coming on. I better get busy looking sad and hurt.

Inkie’s family at Navarre Press wishes to thank Soundside Animal Hospital for their stellar care of Inkie during her spay surgery. Despite what Inkie thinks, we knew she was in great hands! And yes, we know she is milking it, and that’s OK with us!

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