Inkie and the twin

Do you remember me telling you about my twin cat? She looks exactly like me. In fact, once someone called Navarre Press to see if I had escaped. Really? Who would want to

My twin

escape this luxury life I have? But it isn’t me running around outside – it’s my twin. I don’t even think we are related. And she is back. I’m not sure if I like her or not. The only way you could tell us apart is I’m wearing a collar. And I’m inside. She is outside – with no collar. I don’t think she has a home, which makes me sad. I want her to have a home, just not this one.

Sometimes I see her walking around outside. Once she even came up to my window to say hi. I was okay with that. She was nice. We actually talked to each other for a few minutes. So now I think she is trying to figure out how she can be as lucky as me and come inside. But my moms won’t let her in – and she runs away when people get close to her.

One of my moms has started feeding her…without my approval. But at least I still get all the treats – and the tuna for lunch. I guess its okay for her to have food every now and then.

I wish all cats had a forever inside home where they aren’t cold or hungry. Its also the best when you have lots of people to love you and a nice warm place to take a nap. Sometimes I dream of being outside and chasing down all the things I see outside my windows, but I know I am safer and loved inside. I really am the luckiest cat ever. Now if only my twin and the rest of them could be too.

The good people of Navarre can do their part by adopting cats and making them a member of their family. The Santa Rosa animal shelter has plenty to choose from and so do the rescues in our area. Please get a cat.


As seen in the Jan. 31 issue of Navarre Press.

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