Kayak fishing offers chance to get away from it all

In a world captivated by technology, kayak fishing offers an opportunity to get away from it all.

Frank Dailey, the Emerald Coast Chapter Team Leader and Director of Coordinated Therapeutic Programs for Heroes on the Water, can’t emphasize that enough.

“The peaceful element of kayak fishing is absolutely amazing,” Dailey said. “You take away the motor, the noise and electronics. There are a lot of gadgets that can be put on a kayak, but for the most part, kayak fishing takes away the complexity of fishing.”

Though there is without a doubt a peaceful side to fishing on a kayak, it’s far from boring.

“The adventure side is pretty amazing, too,” Dailey said. “When you hook into a 40-inch red fish, you are going to go on what we call a Gulf Coast sleigh ride. The fish will literally take your kayak and you will be moving out at 3 miles per hour. It’s an amazing experience.”

The popularity of kayak fishing has grown in recent years and Northwest Florida is a hot spot for it, particularly Navarre because of the variety of fish that can be caught in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Santa Rosa Sound.


Kristen Ray shows off a fish she caught while kayak fishing, which has grown in popularity in recent years.

Kayak Santa Rosa Sound

Frank Dailey

Frank Dailey

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