Keep up with your cat’s happiness

Did you see the picture of the cat in the article about cat health last week? That feline looks scared to death – and I do too when I go to the vet. I don’t know where the thermometer is going to go next and I sure don’t like where they take my temperature. That’s the look on that cat’s face. Noooooooo!

I know we have to go to the vet sometimes – but sheesh stop pretending that we like it or we ever will. (If my vet is reading this – I love you and you are the best. Be nice to me next time I have to come in). The No. 1 tip up top says to get us used to a carrier. Well, I’m here to tell you that we learn what the carrier is for. It isn’t a matter of getting us use to it – we know what the end result is going to be. So, forget that. Be resigned to forcing us into the carrier amidst squalling. It is how we protest.

Here are my tips for keeping your cat happy (isn’t that the same as healthy?):

  • There is no such thing as too many toys. Laser pointers, stuffed mice, mice that make noise, my butterfly spinning thing, the toys Dickie makes me, paper, pens and pencils, balls to chase and don’t forget our favorite YouTube videos of mice running all over the screen. Oh – we also LOVE paper bags! We even love made up games.
  • Treats galore! In my case, quite a few of my family keep treats at their desk. And they have different kinds so, I will go see whoever has the treats I’m in the mood for. MEEEEow
  • Water from the faucet. We need nice, fresh, cold water from the faucet. Water in my bowl sits and gets room temperature and I like my water cold. It’s oh-so good – and I can get my whole face wet. I have to admit that is my favorite part. Because we are in a building with lots of newspapers, the pads on my paws turn black and I can leave my pawprints all over the sink. April loves seeing my pawprints. For me it’s like artwork.
  • Everyone should eat tuna for lunch. I love fresh tuna from the can and I’m sure it is good for me. Sharing with me is also good for you. I cut down the calories you are eating because I’m selflessly taking some from you. You are welcome.
  • Every cat should be as spoiled as I am. They call me rotten sometimes but that is OK because I love being spoiled. No matter where I go, someone is loving on me or playing with me or feeding me a treat. I usually get whatever I want.

If your cat looks like the one in the picture above, start using my tips for a happy cat. They will love you even more!

As seen in the Aug. 30 issue of Navarre Press.

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