NOTICE OF ELECTION | Public Notice #2272



Supervisor of Elections, Tappie A. Villane, hereby gives notice that on October 8, 2019, Santa Rosa County will be conducting a Special Election.


Ballot Question:




“Shall a one cent sales tax be levied to fund law enforcement/fire and public safety facilities and equipment, transportation and drainage improvements, infrastructure projects/public facilities, recreation/natural resources and capital equipment? If the one cent tax is approved the existing one half cent tax will terminate on December 31, 2019, and the one cent tax will be levied for a period of ten (10) years beginning January 1, 2020.”




Precinct 38 will also have the following question on the ballot:


Ballot Question:


Establishment of Navarre Beach Special Fire District

Shall an independent special district be created for the purpose of providing quality fire, rescue and emergency medical services for the residents and leaseholders of the Navarre Beach Community with the authority to levy assessments, fees, charges and funding via an initial annual Non-Ad Valorem Assessment not to exceed five hundred dollars ($500.00) for residential properties, sixty-three dollars ($63.00) for vacant land and forty-one cents ($0.41) per square foot for commercial properties? Future non-ad valorem assessments in excess of the initial assessment may be increased by an amount not to exceed the average annual growth rate in Florida personal income over the previous five (5) years without a referendum, pursuant to 191.009 Florida Statutes.

____ Yes

____ No

Precinct 22 will also have the following two (2) questions on the ballot:

Method of Contracting and Purchasing To Be Established By Ordinance

This amendment would delete the provisions in Section 3(r) of the City Charter relating to details on contracting and incurring obligations so that those provisions can be provided for by ordinance or adopted policies and procedures.  Should the provisions in Section 3(r) of the City Charter relating to details on contracting and incurring obligations be deleted from the City’s Charter?

____ Yes

____ No


Elections To Be Conducted By Santa Rosa County Supervisor of Elections

This amendment would amend Section 9 of the City Charter to state the current practice that the Santa Rosa County Supervisor of Elections conducts elections for the City pursuant to an interlocal agreement.  The amendment would also delete provisions on elections that have been superseded by an interlocal agreement.  Should Section 9 of the Charter be amended to state current practice on elections and delete provisions superseded by interlocal agreement?

____ Yes

____ No


A vote-by-mail ballot may be obtained by:

  1. Visiting
  2. Calling the elections office at (850) 983-1900
  3. Visiting the Supervisor of Elections Office located at

6495 Caroline St., Ste. F in Milton

  1. Email: or Fax (850) 983-1829


PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO Early Voting offered during this Special Election.

If you have any questions please feel free to call the Elections Office at 983-1900 or visit our website at:


Tappie A. Villane

Supervisor of Elections

Santa Rosa County, Florida



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