Hurlburt Field restricts access to essential only

1 SOW Public Affairs

Beginning at 12:01 a.m. on March 31, 2020, access to Hurlburt Field will be restricted to mission essential personnel only and those individuals residing on, TDY to, or conducting official business on base.  This restriction is consistent with the elevation of the Health Protection Condition Level to Charlie and the Installation Commander’s declaration of a Public Health Emergency at Hurlburt Field due to the ongoing conditions caused by COVID-19 in an effort to minimize spread of the virus.   

Mission essential personnel comprise all uniformed service members and civil servants who have been designated by the appropriate authority to conduct military functions that must be continuously performed on-site to sustain minimum operational capabilities and continuity of the mission.  Some examples include security, food, medical, communications, logistics, flying operations, maintenance, command and control, and other critical operations functions.  For 1st Special Operations Wing personnel, authority has been delegated to group commanders to designate who qualifies for mission essential status.  Leadership of Hurlburt Field tenant units will determine who qualifies for mission essential status relative to each respective mission, and will communicate that to their members. Personnel designated as mission essential will be provided appropriate documentation that will be required upon base entry.  

All mission essential contractor activities to support military operations will be defined by the appropriate military authority and coordinated through the servicing contracting office.  For those contracts deemed mission essential, contract employees will also be provided appropriate documentation through the Contracting Officer that will be required upon base entry.

If not designated in a mission essential status, access to Hurlburt Field will be restricted to individuals who reside in housing on Hurlburt Field, on TDY status to Hurlburt Field, or individuals conducting official business on the installation.  Only mission essential personnel, military members on active duty (Title 10 status) and their dependents, individuals residing in housing on Hurlburt Field, and individuals on TDY status to Hurlburt Field are authorized to shop at the Commissary, the Base Exchange, or the Shoppette; these groups may also conduct other official business.  All other individuals with base access are limited to conducting the following official business activities:  conducting postal services, receiving medical or mental health care, visiting the pharmacy, obtaining medical supplies, receiving child care services, providing essential services or supplies to an individual on base (e.g., delivering food or consumer products to quarantined persons or persons unable to obtain these essential supplies and services), utilizing the auto-hobby shop, contacting military law enforcement, and conducting banking transactions. 

“My intent is to reduce the amount of activity on the installation to the maximum extent possible to promote the welfare of our workforce and their families by preventing the spread of COVID-19,” said Col. Mike Conley, 1st SOW Commander. 

“I realize this will create some inconvenience within our Hurlburt community,” said Col Conley.  “While we navigate these unchartered waters, the bottom line is that we must maintain our mission capabilities, which means we must take all necessary measures to protect the total force Airmen who execute the mission and their families.” 

This order is applicable to military members of the Regular Air Force, Air Force Reserve, and Air National Guard, civil servants in the Department of the Air Force, dependents of military members or civil servants, and contractors on Hurlburt Field.  Observance of these restrictions on movement are mandatory. 


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