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Holley-Navarre Pharmacy, more than a pharmacy

Holley-Navarre Pharmacy & Gifts is not your average pharmacy.

When you walk in the doors, you’re reminded of an old soda fountain diner with white and black square tiles on the floor, red counters and light fixtures and Coca-Cola logos all over. Holley Navarre Pharmacy is part pharmacy, part ice cream shoppe and part gift shop – all in one.

You can pick up your medications, get a cute gift for a friend’s birthday and enjoy a cookies n’ cream milkshake all at once.

Dianne and Jerry Sherrill, owners of Holley-Navarre Pharmacy & Gifts, met in high school and have been married 42 years. Jerry worked for a natural gas distribution company for 20 years before attending pharmacy school. Jerry wanted to have his own business and after Dianne retired as a teacher last June, she was looking for a new adventure.

“I said, ‘Let’s go for it,’ and here we are,” Dianne said. “I’ve always loved a gift shop and all the cute things, and he was like, ‘Well, we’ve got to have ice cream.’”

Holley Navarre Pharmacy opened in November of last year and has been a great addition to the Navarre community. The pharmacy has a drive-thru and Jerry makes sure it’s easy to transfer your prescriptions there.

He runs the pharmacy side while Dianne manages the gift and ice cream shoppe.

Their ice cream comes in all shapes and flavors. The shoppe has cones, cups, shakes, malts, floats, sundaes and smoothies. They also have delicious food, including chicken salad sandwiches, chicken sliders, nachos and hot pretzels.

Family-owned, Holley-Navarre Pharmacy has a family atmosphere, and many teenagers work here for their first job.

Jerry and Dianne are proud to have their daughter and son-in-law, Brittani and Kevin Basham as part owners, in their endeavor. Also, their oldest daughter Brandi and her husband Cory are seen working behind the counter or pitching in where needed. Their grandchildren play a very important role in keeping things going, working wherever needed.

Dianne and Jerry designed the store to feel like an old-time diner.

“When we built our first home, my husband built a game room upstairs for the girls, and they had the black and white floors up there, and they had the red cabinets and all the Coke stuff,” Dianne said. “So, when the girls walked in when we were decorating, they were like ‘It’s like the game room all over again!’ They loved it.”

Locals and visitors say the shoppe reminds them of their hometown and thank the Sherrills for giving them a chance to reminisce.
“A lot of times grandpas will bring in their grandsons and you just listen to them say, ‘When I was a little boy, I sat on a stool just like this,’” Dianne said.

Children ride their bikes to Holley-Navarre Pharmacy after school and parents walk over pushing their baby strollers.

“It’s amazing. This is what we enjoy, everybody coming in,” Dianne said. “They just sit here and have a good time.”