Put the lime in the coconut

You will never look at a lime the same again after today. This sour little green citrus fruit can do wondrous things advanced medicines can’t.

After months at sea without fresh fruits and vegetables, sailors found this out the hard way when they got scurvy which caused frequent infections, anemia, cracked lips and lip corners, tongue and mouth ulcers, bleeding gums, bowed legs, tooth loss and flaccid muscles – in other words an ascorbic acid or Vitamin C deficiency. The beneficent lime, citrus aurantifolia retarded the scurvy so the British explorers would keep them in the larder to keep the crews healthy. According to diet.com, early epidemics of scurvy occurred during the Renaissance (1600–1800s) among explorers and seafaring men and in 1746, James Lind, a British naval surgeon, established that eating lemons and oranges cured the disease.

It is said that Christopher Columbus brought lime trees to the New World on his second voyage.

Limes have been used for weight loss, skin care, improved digestion, relief from constipation, eye care, and treatment of scurvy, piles, peptic ulcers, respiratory disorders, gout, gums and urinary disorders, according to organicfacts.net.

Bright green and completely ripe limes have the most antioxidant benefit says Dr. Joseph Mercola, a renowned health and wellness expert. He cautions that similar to most conventionally grown fruit, limes have pesticide residues on their skin, so wash them well.  You can avoid the pesticide issue by buying organic as much as possible.

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