Eat the fat

Fat has long had a bad reputation for making you fat, causing disease and heart attacks. The evidence of that reputation is seen all over the grocery store: Low fat, zero fat, fat free.

Those items are still rampant even as more and more evidence and research comes out explaining how necessary fat is to our diet. Dr. Mark Hyman describes fat as one of the body’s most basic building blocks.

Fat is good. Say it with me, “fat-is-good-for-me.” Let me explain why.

The first thing to understand is that our bodies require fat. Perhaps one of the most interesting facts about fat is that your brain is the fattest organ in the body, ranking in at 60 percent fat! That alone might give us motivation to stop the “no fat” madness.

Fat is involved in many bodily functions and processes including cellular membrane structure, function and signaling, regulating and excreting nutrients inside cells, surrounding and protecting the heart, kidneys and liver. They also help with that more common function of insulating the body (think blubber). But they are also responsible for releasing the hormones that tells your brain you’re full.

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