Woman robbed in Publix parking lot

On Feb. 21 a woman was robbed in the Publix parking lot in Navarre around 9:15 p.m. after buying the man cigarettes.  William Robbie Temples of the 8100 block of Fourth Street was arrested and charged with battery and robbery.

William Robbie Temple

William Robbie Temple

According to his arrest report, Temples approached the victim as she was looking at flowers outside the store near the entrance.  He asked her for a cigarette and began making small talk with her after she told him she didn’t smoke.  He asked her to buy cigarettes for him because he didn’t have his license with him.  She went inside the store to finish her shopping and bought the cigarettes.  When she came outside of Publix, she did not see Temples so she went to her vehicle parked in front of Hungry Howie’s.  She saw him across the parking lot and yelled for him to come get the cigarettes.  He came over and grabbed the cigarettes and offered to pay for them but she refused.  Temples asked her if she did drugs or knew where to get some and she said no.  Temples had his hand inside his pocket and told her he had a gun, asked for her wallet and she gave it to him.  According to the victim, he hit her in the head with the cell phone he was holding.  Before leaving, he told her that he was going to watch her leave and if she notified law enforcement that he had her address from her driver’s license and he would come after her.

The victim left the parking lot and drove west on Highway 98 for a few minutes and returned to the parking lot approximately 10 minutes later.  She did not see Temples at that time and called law enforcement.  She was able to give a good description to Santa Rosa deputies, who located Temple on Fourth Avenue.    He was arrested and is being held on a $10,500 bond.

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