That’s what best friends are for

For more than a month, Angie Klug has kept  a secret from her best friend, Jami Moore, who is a kindergarten teacher at West Navarre Primary School. 

Klug has been raising money to help Moore pay almost $20,000 in medical bills insurance will not cover as Moore goes through chemotherapy and radiation. Moore was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, has undergone two surgeries and started five months of chemotherapy last week. Klug challenged friends to donate and the person or group that donated the most, had first dibs at shaving her head on Nov. 11.  Her hair is to be donated to, “Wigs for Kids.”

Klug’s fellow teachers, friends and students showed up at Kat House Salon to offer support for Jami wearing shirts that had “Team Jami” and passing out stickers imprinted, “I am praying for Jami.”  “Put those stickers on your bathroom mirror,” Klug said. Many tears were shed while jokes were going back and forth while “Kat” of Kat House Salon and then later, “The Vine Girls” (Zoe Vanselow, Jane Ericson, and Tania Henson) shaved Klug’s head because they raised $250 towards the fundraiser.

Comments from the crowd included complimenting the shape of Klug’s head and a video being played of Sinead O’Connor’s, “Nothing Compares to You.”  Moore sat down opposite Klug and watched tearfully at times while Klug’s hair was being shaved. When Moore protested a bit, Klug said, “I just wish I could have taken the chemo for you.” There weren’t many dry eyes in the salon this afternoon, from the laughter – and the touching moments.

$1600 was raised today, but there is a long way to go.  Kat, owner of Kat House Hair Salon, donated hair services for the next year for both Klug and Moore.

A slideshow of photos can be found by clicking HERE.  A video will be posted soon. There is a t-shirt fundraiser – information can be found HERE and there will be a Bunco Fundraiser – early in 2016.

Read more about this fundraiser and courageous act of friendship in the next issue of Navarre Press.



Zo Vanselow, Jane Ericson, and Tania Henson work at The Vine and they raised $250 and the honor of shaving Angie Klug's head as a fundraiser for Jami Moore.

Zo Vanselow, Jane Ericson, and Tania Henson work at The Vine and they raised $250 and the honor of shaving Angie Klug’s head as a fundraiser for Jami Moore.

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