Law enforcement encourages vigilance

Recent terrorist propaganda has encouraged attacks using large box trucks according to Northwest Florida Fusion.

An attack using this method in Nice, France, July 14 resulted in the death of 85 people and the injury of an additional 435 people.

Though the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is not aware of any specific, credible threats to Florida at this time, the report requested that businesses, residents and visitors remain vigilant and report suspicious activity.

FDLE list suspicious activity related to these types of attacks to include:

  • Reluctance to provide personal information when completing rental paperwork
  • Inability to recall the name a rental is under
  • Surveilling of a facility or unusual interest in activities
  • Irregular rental patterns such as renting progressively larger vehicles or frequently renting for short periods of time
  • Inquiries about vehicle capabilities to accelerate, jump curbs, drive after air bag deploys
  • Inquiring about front end durability and whether fenders and hoods are constructed of metal or plastic

All suspicious activity should be reported to law enforcement, and any stolen vehicles or license plates should be immediately reported to law enforcement.

Fusion is a collaborative effort between state and federal agencies to share resources and intelligence for preventing crime and terrorism. The Northwest Florida Fusion is operated in part by the FDLE.



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