Navarre’s earliest recorded heritage began with Spanish explorers in 1693

The neighborhood called “Robledal Estates” on East Bay Boulevard may seem like just another waterfront neighborhood. However, it was the scene of the oldest documented history of the area we now call Navarre.

Spanish exploration 

While the story of the land encompassing Robledal begins long before recorded history, we know that the area first received its name from the Spanish explorer, mathematician and scientist Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora. In Spanish, the word “Robledal” translates to “Oak Grove” – from the word “Robledo,” meaning “Oakwood.”

According to The Beginnings of Texas and Pensacola by Dr. William Edward Dunn, University of Texas, Robledal was first encountered during the expedition of Pez-Sigüenza which set sail from Vera Cruz on March 25, 1693. Captain Jordan de Reina, an officer who had taken part in the Barroto-Romero voyage of 1686 accompanied Pez and Sigüenza. In Reina’s honor, Sigüenza named the river on which they traveled after his first name, calling it the River Jordan, which we know today as East River.

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