Narcotics Unit busts meth, heroin in Milton

Narcotics officers with Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office recovered heroin, meth and oxycodone at a home in Milton April 23 during a search on Cherub Circle.

Jennifer Holly Campbell

One of the residences of the home, Jennifer Holly Campbell, was arrested on drug trafficking charges.

According to arrest reports, the Narcotics Unit executed a search warrant at Campbell’s residence, detaining several individuals. Two of the detained individuals told deputies they had come to the house to purchase drugs from Campbell.

A search of the residence revealed a lock box in Campbell’s room containing 30 grams of heroin, 7 oxycodone pills (opioids) and 5 grams of marijuana. A pringles can with a false bottom also contained 30 grams of meth.

Deputies also recovered a notebook from Campbell’s purse which listed transactions under a known street name for heroin.  Campbell was arrested for felony drugs possession, felony heroin trafficking and felony methamphetamine trafficking.

James Dean Phillips

During the search, another man identified as Jimmy Phillips of Milton approached officers. Phillips was detained after he said he was there to see Campbell. Officers attempted to search him, but he would not let them check his pocket.

Phillips was forced to the ground, and officers uncovered two grams of meth from a cigarette pack in his pocket. He is facing a felony drugs possession charge and a misdemeanor for resisting arrest.

Phillips’s bond was set at $5,500, and Campbell’s was set at $101,000. They were both booked into Santa Rosa County Jail. Campbell also faces an out of county warrant for her arrest.

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