Man pulls knife on Walmart manager

Shoplifting turned to assault in the Navarre Walmart April 22 after a Navarre man allegedly threatened the store manager with a knife.

According to a Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office report, Christopher Shaw, 21, and  Margarete Smith, 21, were observed concealing items while at the Walmart on Navarre Parkway. According the store manager, he began to follow the two individuals through the store at a distance.

He observed Smith dumping out the contents of her purse. Then Shaw approached him. The manager stated that Shaw leaned toward him and showed him a knife held in his right palm. The manager backed away, and Shaw continued to show him the knife as he exited the store according to the statement.

Shaw then allegedly pointed his right arm at the manager and pretended to shoot him with a hand gesture.

The individuals had left by the time the officers arrived, but they were located at a traffic stop on April 28. While both Shaw and Smith admitted to attempting to shop lift, they denied that Shaw had threatened anyone.

Smith confirmed that Shaw carries two knives regularly. Shaw stated that he was cleaning his fingernails with the knife and did not threaten the manager.

Shaw is currently being held in Santa Rosa County Jail on one count third degree felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He has no bond.

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