Hard freeze warning in effect

Wednesday night and early Thursday morning: Arctic high pressure builds into the region and brings the coldest temperatures to our area so far this winter season for late Wednesday Night and early Thursday morning. A hard freeze with temperatures in the mid-teens to around 20 degrees may impact most of the Region…with the exception of locations near the immediate coast

Late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning: A hard freeze watch remains in effect from late Wednesday night through Thursday morning.

Temperature: readings are expected to drop into the mid-teens to around 20 degrees late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning

Impacts: temperatures this cold can be very dangerous for people with inadequate heat…pets…and can also kill sensitive vegetation and crops. Unprotected outside pipes may also burst.

Instructions:  A hard freeze watch means temperatures are expected to fall to 20 degrees or lower. These conditions could kill crops and other cold sensitive vegetation. Temperatures such as these can cause exposed water pipes to burst. Make plans to check on elderly neighbors to make sure they have adequate heat. Area shelters should make preparations for extra demand. Everyone should take adequate safety precautions with their heating systems…and make sure to utilize carbon monoxide detectors in enclosed spaces. Extra caution should be used with portable space heaters. Make sure space heaters are not left unattended and are not used near flammable materials such as curtains or bed coverings. Listen to NOAA weather radio or your local news media outlets for later updates on the developing cold weather situation.

Information provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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