Gaetz revives beach fee simple title bill

U.S. Congressman Matt Gaetz will be speaking in person to the Santa Rosa County Commission Thursday morning about a new bill that could potentially allow Navarre Beach’s leaseholders to claim fee simple title for their properties without loosing the option of reopening Navarre Pass.

The bill is written by Gaetz and is a continuation of previous Senator Jeff Miller’s attempts to do the same. Following a series of court battle’s the Navarre Beach leaseholders are currently paying property taxes in addition to lease fees to the county for property they cannot technically own.

Gaetz told Navarre Press this is clearly unfair double taxation.

Previous bill attempts have failed due to an amendments added while in legislative committee that would have eliminated the possibility of reopening the Navarre Pass, a man-made waterway that for three months connected the Gulf of Mexico and Santa Rosa Sound.

The new bill proposal includes language that specifically states the Navarre Pass could be reopened upon conduct of proper studies and with appropriate funding, effectively heading off possible amendment.

The meeting will be open to the public at the County Commission building in Milton. A live stream of the meeting will also be available on the county website.

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