Couple escapes burning home on Salamanca Street

Dog in critical condition

Jeremy and Cat Bradshaw were sleeping when the unthinkable happened.  Cat woke up shortly after 1 a.m. Monday to get a drink of water and saw the glow of fire.
She yelled to her husband, “Babe – Fire!”

Jeremy got out of bed, and saw the fire outside the back French doors.  Thinking it was small, he called for Cat to bring water, but when she brought the water the back door collapsed and fire and smoke came pouring inside.  Cat escaped through the side door and Jeremy came out the front door.

“The smoke came in so thick and fast that I lost track of where Cat was,” said Jeremy, reliving the moments that occurred just hours earlier.  “Osalamanca firfence I got out I heard her and knew she was out.”  But there was a family member still inside, their 2-year old dog named Terror.  “I broke the window near his kennel with a shovel, but it took the firefighters jumping through the window to save him.”

Terror was rushed to an emergency veterinarian hospital in Pensacola to be treated for his severe burns.  “Terror is in critical condition,” Cat said.  “They say the next 24-48 hour
s will be very hard on him,” she said through her tears.

The home on Salamanca Street is a total loss.  They got out with the clothes on their backs and a change of clothes in their car.  Jeremy was quick to say that he will provide for his family, and is not looking for handouts.  “At the end of the day, this is just stuff, and it can be replaced,” said Jeremy, “I just want our puppy to be okay.”

According to Holley-Navarre Fire District Chief, Ron Norton, the call came in at 1:30 a.m.  Holley-Navarre Fire, Navarre Beach, Midway, and Florosa departments all responded to the blaze.  While the Fire Marshall has not completed the investigation, preliminary indications are that a charcoal grill located on the back deck caught fire and spread to the home.

The Bradshaws are most worried about the cost of caring for Terror.  Just two days in the hospital will cost $2,600 and they expect him to be there for at least 10 days.  He is severely burned.  A GoFundMe account has been set up with the sole purpose of helping with the vet costs.

Want to help?

Call the Veterinary Emergency Referral Hospital at 850-477-3914 to make a payment directly for Terror’s treatment.  His vet ID # is 70088

Or – Make a donation in the GoFundMe account at:

Clothes can be dropped off at their neighbor’s house (to the south).  Men’s pants sized 44/30, women’s pants sized 16, t-shirts sized XL for both.

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