Candidates file financial reports

Not surprisingly, the can­didate who has been in the District 4 race the longest, Rob Williamson, has the most campaign contributions so far. Williamson pre-filed to run last summer and made early monetary gains as the sole candidate.
According to the reports, 41 percent of Williamson’s contributions came from San­ta Rosa County.The itemized campaign reports show more than $3,600 of his monetary contributions were made by donors from outside the area, many from family members living in south Florida and North Carolina.
According to the latest cam­paign reports filed Feb. 10 with the Santa Rosa County Supervisor of Elections Office, the second person to enter the race, Ruth Esser, has brought in $5,545.46 in total contributions so far.
Esser and James Broxson have the highest percentage of financial backers from San­ta Rosa County with 81 per­cent and 76 percent, respec­tively. Broxson’s campaign finance reports show $3,942 in total contributions.
Andrea McDermott has three recorded contributions, including a personal loan. One supporter was from San­ta Rosa, and the other was from Virginia. McDermott’s report shows $1,628.15 in total contributions.
The last candidate to enter the race,Yvonne Harper, has reported no campaign activ­ity in the past two reporting periods. Her only contribu­tion on record is a $100 loan to her campaign.
Williamson’s January finan­cial report summary sheet showed $16,337.887 in mon­etary contributions, an inspec­tion of the donations shows 
only $13,610 in contributions and $2,300 in personal loans for his campaign. It appears that Williamson erroneous­ly included in-kind contri­butions, or donated goods and services, into his cam­paign’s total monetary con­tributions.
Supervisor of Elections Tap­pie Villane said,“Adding in-­kind contributions to the monetary contributions is a common error because it (in­kind contributions) is also shown on the summary sheet.”Villane said the errors are most common with can­didates who have not gone through the process before.
The supervisor of elections’ website shows Esser and McDermott had also filed amended financial reports, while Broxson and Harper had not.
Candidates are expected to start focusing on raising money and kicking their cam­paigns into high gear in the coming months.The primary election will be held August 26, 2013.


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