Breaking down Navarre’s votes in the 2014 election

If Navarre ran the state, election results would be … exactly the same. Navarre’s six precincts voted similarly to the rest of the county and matched almost every election result.

Both Gov. Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi received more support from Navarre, more than 74 percent, than they averaged around the state. Scott and Lt. Gov. Lopez received 48 percent of the statewide vote, while Bondi received slightly more than 55 percent.

The countywide results in favor of medical marijuana topped out at 54.93 percent. Statewide results were slightly higher at 57.62 percent. Navarre topped those numbers with 60.47 percent of ballots in favor of the amendment. However, the amendment needed 66 percent to pass.

Navarre was also in line with the county’s decisive “no” to a one-cent sales tax to fund a new courthouse. However, more than 66 percent of Navarre voters were against the tax while only 55.86 percent of voters county wide were against the tax. And Navarre was even more adamantly against the individual locations, especially Pea Ridge – where nearly 93 percent of voters said no – compared to 77.85 percent of voters county wide.

Navarre also differed with county-wide results by showing the most support for the East Milton location option (32.7 percent). Countywide, voters put the downtown location as their top choice (35.5 percent).

Navarre did not differ much from the county in the election of Rob Williamson and Carol Boston in their respective races.

Overall, Williamson garnered almost 90 percent of votes in three precincts (3 Coon Hill, 4 Jay, 5 Mclellan, 17 Fidelis). His opponent, Etta Lawlor, had her best showing in Harold, No. 14, where she received 28.25 percent of the votes.

Boston’s best precinct was Hidden Creek, No. 34, where she received 71.06 percent of the votes. Her opponent, Jim Taylor, received the highest number of votes at Navarre Beach,
No. 38, where 49.56 percent of voters supported him.

As seen in the Nov. 13 issue of the Navarre Press. Subscribe online here.

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