Bomb threat at courthouse

The Santa Rosa County courthouse has been evacuated due to a bomb threat. All business at the courthouse has been canceled until 2 p.m.

Dozens of defendants, plaintiffs and attorneys exited the Santa Rosa County Courthouse Thursday morning after a bomb threat.
Sheriffs deputies began evacuating the building about 9:30 without explanation–telling people the courthouse won’t be open until at least 2 p.m.
Sheriffs Department Capt. Blevin Davis told the Navarre Press, “We had a bomb threat. We are on lock down.”
“We have a situation,” said one deputy.
Jeremiah Crenshaw said he left the building just before the emergency and right after being found not guilty of running a stop sign. Then he tried to re-enter but was barred at the front door. “I forgot my hat. They won’t let me go back for it,” said Crenshaw, a Milton resident.

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