Aydelott found not guilty due to insanity

Brandon William Aydelott was found not guilty by reason of insanity Tuesday, Oct. 11 for the brutal Christmas Eve murder of his mother Sharon Aydelott at a judge trial.

Dr. Scott Benson a defense expert in psychology and previous evaluator of Aydelott said that Aydelott had schizophrenia that caused delusional ideation as well as auditory hallucinations or hearing voices. These voices were what he called “command hallucinations” or voices in his head that prompted him to a specific action.

Benson said these “command hallucinations” were what caused Aydelott to murder his mother, and that he saw his actions as right because of them.

Benson went on to say that while he found with three years of medication and treatment Aydelott was competent to stand trial, he was still a threat to the community.

Aydelott will be handed into the custody of the Department of Children and Families to be placed at Florida State Hospital. He will receive treatment there for six months at which time an evaluation will be conducted to see if he still meets the criteria for being involuntarily institutionalized.

If he continues to need treatment, Aydelott will be reevaluated on an annual basis. Possible release later on would be under strict circumstances set by the court.

Defense attorney Scott Ritchie said Aydelott will likely remain in the custody of the court and the Department of Children and Families for the rest of his life.

For more information on the trial read the Oct. 13 issue on the Navarre Press.

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