Alleged Walmart shoplifter arrested for drugs, weapons

Allegedly shoplifting roughly $8 of items in Navarre led one man to be arrested for felony drug and weapon charges Jan. 25.

Joseph Wallace, 34, of North Carolina is facing multiple weapons and drugs charges following an incident at the Walmart Neighborhood Market gas station in Navarre.

Joseph Wallace

According to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, an officer responded to a panic alarm at the gas station. The alarm had been engaged by an employee who said she had asked Wallace to leave multiple times but he refused.

He had been walking in and out of the male and female restrooms with merchandise, ignoring the employees request for him to stop. He had been there for 5 hours according to the report.

The cop instructed him to leave the business, but was informed by Wallace that the jacket he was wearing belonged to the employee. The employee told the officer she had allowed him to borrow it for the afternoon and wanted it back.

The officer asked Wallace to give the jacket back. He refused. While arguing with the officer a butane bottle fell out of Wallace’s pocket. Wallace began to walk away and the officer detained him.

In the pockets of the jacket were found an unopened pair of headphones and a smoking pipe. The employee said none of the items were in her jacket prior according to the report.

Wallace was placed under arrest.

Store video showed Wallace picking up the items and never paying for them.

The butane bottle and headphones cost $7.17.

A search of Wallace by an officer turned up a plastic bag containing smaller baggies of narcotics, a lighter, syringe, brass knuckles and a clear plastic baggy.

There were also three small bags of marijuana, three bags of what tested positive as methamphetamine and two bags of 51 pills identified as Alprazolam.

After being read the Miranda Warning Wallace told police that his possessions were over by a curb. These items included two brand new sleeping bags, two bags of beef jerky, tubs of ice cream and a six pack of soda. The manager will be checking to see if these items were stolen from Walmart Marketplace as all of the items are sold there the report said.

Prior to arriving at the jail the officer asked Wallace if he had anything else that would get him into trouble. Wallace said nothing according to the report.

When he was being taken to the intake door of the jail Wallace pushed back against the officer, and then the officer called for assistance.

When jail staff grabbed Wallace a Beretta 9 mm pistol fell out of his shorts.

Wallace is charged with second degree felony display of a firearm during a felony, second degree felony possession of a weapon by a felon, second degree felony possession of methamphetamine with intent to sell, third degree felony schedule 4 drugs possession, third degree felony drugs possession and third degree felony smuggling of contraband into a detention facility.

Lesser charges also included first degree misdemeanor unlicensed carrying of a concealed weapon, second degree misdemeanor larceny, first degree misdemeanor resisting an officer without violence, first degree misdemeanor marijuana distribution and two counts of first degree misdemeanor drug equipment possession or use.

Wallace is currently in Santa Rosa County Jail on $119,250 bond.

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