Milton mom dies in daughter’s care

Daughter charged with homicide

WARNING:  Details are graphic

Jackie Ellen Passmore, age 22 of Milton was arrested on May 6 for homicide – negligent manslaughter when her mother, Karen passed away.  Deputies say the death was caused by the culpable negligence of her daughter.Passmore homicide

According to the report, during Jackie’s birth, Karen suffered a massive stroke and had been completely disabled.  Her husband had cared for her  up until his death in 2014.  Jackie took over her care when he died.

The graphic details of the conditions in which Karen was found in the Trail Ride North home are outlined in the deputy’s report made in August 2015.  The deputy that responded noted that Karen’s bedroom smelled of trash and rotting flesh.  Karen was found to be extremely emaciated and later it would be determined through an autopsy that she weighed only 58.5 pounds.  She had several untreated bedsores that had eaten away all tissue exposing bones.  The autopsy also showed Karen also had pneumonia.

During Jackie’s interview with law enforcement she said that she had been trying to get insurance coverage for Karen “straightened out” and that was the only reason she wasn’t under a doctor’s care.  She reached out to the Department of Children and Families.  A case worker provided her with adult diapers, a diet supplement drink and gave her phone numbers to public service agencies and doctors.   Jackie was unable to explain the bedsores and weight loss saying she didn’t know it was that bad. However, she did take her to the emergency room six months prior for the weight loss.

The autopsy report listed the manner of death as “homicide” due to the contributory cause of adult neglect by a caretaker.  Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Public Information Officer, Rich Aloy said, “Our case was completed then sent to the state attorney’s office. They conducted their own investigation to assure the appropriate statutes were used.  Then a warrant was sent to the judge for signing.”

Passmore was released on bond on Mother’s Day.

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