Kigali celebrates his second birthday

Kigali rides on mom’s back to his birthday party celebrating his second birthday.

Kigali, celebrated his second birthday with zoo patrons and staff this afternoon. Rwanda (28), Kigali’s mom, opened all of the presents up for Kigali as he watched. They later shared in the food and treats that were in the boxes. Kigali was born on January 23rd 2012 to mother, Rwanda and dad, Babuka, via emergency caesarian section. While his mother made a full recovery, zookeepers spent the first few months caring for the infant around the clock. Kigali was later re-introduced to his mother and remains fully acclimated with his gorilla family. Babuka (22) looks on from his own island and mom and baby play nearby.  Zookeeper, Christy, said that Kigali will be able to physically interact with his dad when he is 4-5.







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