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Good health, less hassle with A Trusted Nurse Practitioner

Renea Clowdsley, APRN, has been a trusted nurse practitioner for 10 years and in 2023, she opened her own primary care family practice in Gulf Breeze. Specializing in health and wellness, Renea’s goal is to make it easy to access care.

A Trusted Nurse Practitioner provides personal primary care including annual wellness visits, sick visits and chronic disease management. They offer telehealth, online scheduling and a patient portal. Whether you are enjoying optimal health, caring for chronic medical conditions, or seeking answers, Renea is here to help.

Formerly, Renea practiced as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) at Ascension Sacred Heart in Gulf Breeze with Dr. Westafer, Dr. Osban and Dr. Wray. Renea wanted to branch out and make her own practice to create a personal atmosphere where she can ensure each patient is treated with personal care.

“I wanted to create a place where people could access care in a way that was relieving anxiety, not provoking anxiety,” she said.

People also don’t have to wait three months to see their doctor. Renea is ready and available to help. She is currently accepting new patients and looks forward to getting to know her patients and understanding their needs.

Renea believes her patients are more than just a number or statistic. They are people who need her care.

Their medical office is covered by CIGNA, Medicare, Tricare Select and TriCare for Life. If you have Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Aetna or another company, you can check your policy to determine coverage.

A majority of Renea’s patients are self-pay because she keeps her visits affordable.

“Some people choose to pay because they just want high quality,” she said. “They understand that their insurance is for catastrophic events.”
“If you’re a patient that we’re out of network for, that doesn’t mean that we can’t write you a prescription that your insurance will pay for,” said Renea’s office manager Sarah Echelle, NCMA (Nationally Certified Medical Assistant).

If someone’s insurance is not in network, do not let that be the reason you don’t give Renea a try. Labs, scans and medication will all still be covered by insurance. Just the office visit will be out of pocket. An office visit to A Trusted Nurse Practitioner is reasonable and ranges from $75 to $150. Her care and relaxing atmosphere are worth it.

“I take the time to listen and explain. We provide care that is convenient, comfortable, and of the highest quality,” she said.

A visit to the Trusted Nurse Practitioner office is relaxed, friendly and easy-going. It’s like discussing your medical needs with a friend who has medical expertise.
Renea graduated in 2006 with her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. She went on to get her Master of Science degree in advanced practice, specializing in family practice. Her 10 plus years of experience allows her to give her patients what they need.

She does not rush patients in and out, like some offices. Patients feel listened to and get all their medical questions answered thoroughly.

Renea is passionate about weight loss because a lot of medical issues stem from excessive weight.

“I like to help people lose weight because I like to help people be healthier,” she said. “And through losing weight, I’m able to help people get off things like blood pressure medicine, help resolve issues like pre-diabetes and fatty liver disease. Sometimes joint pain improves a lot with weight loss.”

Renea likes to help people learn heathier lifestyles, lose weight and then possibly not need as many medications. She has helped many people lose weight through nutrition, physical activity, coaching and medication if indicated, and she can help you too.

Renea’s office is open until 7 p.m. on Tuesdays to allow flexibility in scheduling for patients who cannot take time off work to visit their primary care physician.

Renea, a Trused Nurse Practioner, is here to help.

A Trusted Nurse Practitioner
Renea Clowdsley, APRN
(850) 990-9100
1101 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
Building 5 Unit 14
Gulf Breeze FL 32561

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