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Rest assured that if you are interested in the best in security and sound for your home or small business, and you want great customer service along with it, WatchDog Security and Sound in Navarre is your best option.
Owner and President of Sales Stan Hovanec brings no shortage of experience to the table.
He worked for Seville Security and Sound in Pensacola for 18 years, developing a strong customer base between Pensacola and Destin.
He was going to purchase the company nine years ago, and was poised to do so, but opted to start his own business, which is how WatchDog Security and Sound was born.
Living in Pensacola at the time, he and his wife wanted to move to Navarre, in part because of the great school system, and in part because it’s located strategically in the center of the service area WatchDog covers.
He moved here five years ago, and it’s been the best move he’s made. He calls Navarre home and wants to make sure your home is protected as well.
A Navy veteran, Hovanec and his business partner, Jason Guillory, an Air Force veteran, specialize in security systems and sound for home theaters as well as central vacuum systems.
WatchDog is a state licensed alarm contractor and though the company has a national look, local is what it’s all about, offering all the same packages national companies can offer but at a better price.
“We can be less costly without sacrificing quality of the equipment and installation,” Hovanec said.
All systems installed by WatchDog are backed by a service department 24 hours, seven days a week.
And because WatchDog is local, the deals he can make for customers are much better than what one might find at a national company.
“Because the buck stops here, I can adjust the prices as clients need. I’m not locked into a corporate account or set on pricing,” Hovanec said. “I don’t have to ask someone if I can do this or that. I can just do it, and that’s how I want to keep it. I’m not out to be a national company.”
And if you are with another company, WatchDog can probably get you a better deal.
“If you are interested in upgrading equipment and getting lower rates, call us and chances are you’ll end up with newer equipment and lower rates,” Hovanec said.
Hovanec takes pride in making sure the customers are satisfied with their service and puts in the work to make sure things are done right.
“We’re not there just to get in and get out,” Hovanec said. “We are out there doing the work the right way. We want to make sure the customer is satisfied.”
Anyone interested in getting a security or sound system from WatchDog can call, text or email the company.
Hovanec said he’ll come out and look at what the customer’s needs are and draw up a proposal from there.
“I’m not there to get them to sign something that day,” Hovanec said. “I’m not into high pressure sales. I’m more of a presenter of facts and hope it leads to a sale.”


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