Employee charged with elder abuse at senior facility

Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested a certified nursing assistant (CNA) at Bay Breeze Senior Living and Rehabilitation Center for allegedly physically abusing one of the residents, causing him to bleed.

Kayla Marie Oeth, 26, was arrested Sept. 16 in connection with an incident that occurred Aug. 10.

According to the arrest report, a deputy was called to the center after a resident accused Oeth of causing injury by using physical force on him.

When the deputy approached the victim to conduct an interview, he began to cry. He had bandages on both arms from his wrists to his elbows. Under the bandages, the deputy observed multiple open wounds and bruises on each arm.

The victim said Oeth got angry with him and she was “not nice, she was violent and mean.”

In an interview Oeth said the victim was in a bad mood when she and another CNA assisted him to bed. Portions of her statement were redacted from the report.

According to her statements, after she assisted the victim to sit on the bed, he fell back on his bed while her back was turned. She said someone blamed her for pushing him on the bed. She said the victim tried to hit her and was yelling and cursing during the incident. Oeth said he spit in her face.

She said she felt fluid through her gloves and realized the victim was bleeding. She then went to the nurses’ station to report the incident.

The other CNA who witnessed the incident said Oeth did not tell the victim she was going to touch him when she attempted to move him to his bed. The CNA said the victim “freaked out” when he was grabbed, flailing his arms and screaming. The CNA told the deputy he attempted to intervene during the incident but Oeth did not seem to hear him.

Witnesses told the deputies that the victim spent the night in his wheelchair beside the nurses’ station. According to the report, he said he was frightened that Oeth would return to harm him. He said he did not want to be alone.

Oeth has been charged with third degree felony abuse of an elderly or disabled adult.


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