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Empathic Practice stresses the importance of destressing

Uncertainties of today’s world and the trials of a pandemic can take a toll on anyone. The added social tribulations of isolating from friends and family can lead to feelings of loneliness and depression.

Empathic Practice is here to provide you with information, tools and support that will empower you to take control of your mind and master your thoughts.

“We see that people are looking for ways that they cannot only relax but feel connected to themselves a little bit more and be a little more mindful,” said partner owner Felipe Muñoz.

People looking for ways to manage stress and anxiety better during this turbulent time can find answers at Empathic. A family-owned leading provider of holistic medicine in the Pensacola area, Empathic Practice opened in 2018 to fill a need for more education on stress management and empowerment of the mind, body and soul.

Located in the heart of East Hill in Pensacola at the corner of 12th Avenue and Cross Street, Empathic Practice recently expanded its number of professionals and services to offer even more options for holistic health and personal well-being.

“Our focus remains in stress management and we know that is needed nowadays more than ever, so we’re offering an array of services through telemedicine as well,” Muñoz said.

Empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of one another, is the central focus of what Empathic Practice stands for. The staff seeks to understand their clients completely and relate to their feelings to better serve them and help them to overcome the stress and troubles in their lives.

There are ways to be by yourself and be more self-sufficient, Muñoz said. People can come to Empathic to learn new coping mechanisms and mindfulness.

“Through mindfulness or meditation, or even just learning how to have fun with themselves and connecting with aspects of their life that fulfills them,” he said.

Muñoz is a partner owner of Empathic Practice alongside his father-in-law, Dr. William Hass. Muñoz is also the Transformational Mindset Coach and the Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, while Hass is the Medical Director and a board-certified medical marijuana physician.

“Mindfulness is a big aspect of our practice,” Muñoz said. “We focus on everything coming from our conscious point of view.”

Free group meditation classes at the park are offered by Empathic Practice every Friday in April at 5:30 p.m. Classes will consist of guided meditation and sound baths with singing bowls and will take place at Long Hallow Park in Pensacola.

Empathic Practice can guide you on your personal path to healing with tools, methods and support to help you live a life of happiness and fulfillment. They offer a variety of services ranging from Mindset and Meditation Coaching, Counseling and Life Coaching to Medical Marijuana Wellness and Weight Loss Coaching and even Massage Therapy.
Acupuncture, Somatic Release, Cupping, Energy Healing, Hypnosis for Habit Change, Infrared Sauna, and Medical Cannabis Cooking Private Classes are among the new services at Empathic Practice.

Muñoz said it’s about giving options to people in a nonjudgmental way and meeting people where they are.
“It can be reviewing your sleep habits and your nighttime ritual or reviewing your own spiritual practices and rituals,” Muñoz added. “Not teaching or imposing anything but listening to the person and understanding the resources that they already have and how to expand that.”

When you walk in the doors of Empathic Practice, you feel a sense of Zen. The tranquil atmosphere with the scent of essential oils in the air, along with the peaceful environment and soothing lighting make for a relaxing environment.

When people train their brain to be more mindful, they make better decisions, have control of their feelings, and live in a state of harmony and well-being.

Empathic Practice can help you discover the right approach to find freedom from pain, anxiety and stress. They will help you to approach stressful situations in your life with a sense of calm and confidence. You’ll learn to identify triggers so that you can be proactive and armed with efficient solutions when problems arise.

“We all realize in this past year, how easy it is to feel burnout in times of uncertainty,” Muñoz said. “So addressing our stress, it’s important to both feel motivated, but also buffer. We are going to feel stress. Mind as well manage it the proper way, so we don’t go crazy.”