“What do you want for Christmas?”

Holley Navarre Primary School students in Mrs. Moerscher’s first-grade class were asked what they want for Christmas this year.


“A stuffed animal Kermit, Fozzie and some of the penguins Muppet babies”

Zoey Pananas, 6





“A tablet, like an iPad”

Lucas Benson, 7





“A skateboard and skates…with a helmet”

Addyson Cain, 7





“About two dig sets, and I want a camera”

Cruz Cid, 6





“A Nintendo game, Let’s Go Pikachu”

Kayla Fields, 6





“A Y-Wing from Star Wars. It’s a little ship made of Legos”

Max Flores, 7





“A Minecraft set, and I also want 3 more things, robot set, Fortnite game and PS4”

Porter Griffin, 7





“What I really, really want is a baby puppy. Or a baby kitty”

Kyla Jacovino, 7





“A slime kit”

Emily Morgan, 7





“Slime collection”

Jesus Roblero Hernandez, 6






“A 3GS game system”

Hayden Miller, 6





“A pet cat, a little baby one”

Haydynn Norton, 7






“A green and blue bike that has training wheels ‘cuz I don’t know how to ride yet”

Maximo Perez, 6





“Video game, any kind”

Jackson Slater, 6





“A toy cat”

Gia Whittles, 7





“I want a big pack of Pokémon cards”

Josiah Musco, 7






Letters to Santa:

Dear Santa,

I been a good girl. Love my family so much! I want Princess bike and helmet.

Love – Coral

Dear Santa,

I would like a Boxer Robert, a Harry Potter Owl, Skate 3, rainbow bath bombs, little big planet, and grow rocks. I have been very good.


– Noah )Noah Griesemer, Age 6


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