Testing creates accountability in schools

Navarre High School Principal Brian Noack gives a simple answer in regards to his thoughts on the number of tests students take each year.

“I believe without a doubt that students are over-tested,” Noack said.

Noack has no problem with tests being done in the schools. He understands the purpose behind them.

“As an educator and a parent, I understand the need and value to track and measure a student’s academic growth and achievement level,” Noack said. “Student assessment results are often and primarily used to help identify learning gaps and deficiencies. Assessment results can also help guide administrators and teachers with appropriate student placement with regards to specific remedial or advanced level courses. The quicker we can identify an academic need or deficiency, the greater the likelihood that we can move that student to grade level proficiency.”

But those efforts don’t come without a price. Too much emphasis is placed on the outcome of those tests and overlooks all too often the effort a student puts forth over the course of an entire school year.

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FSA testing shrinks class time for younger students

By Jamie Gentry

Come March and April elementary- and middle-school students of Navarre will drop their normal classes for two days at a time and sit down in front of computer screens.

And for hours, in complete silence, they will take multiple-choice tests that will decide whether they can move to the next grade.

They test on subjects such as language arts, mathematics, writing and science.

The results will not only decide their progress. The result could mean lower salaries for their teachers and lower rankings for the school district as a whole.

The Florida Standards Assessments and Science Sunshine State Standards Assessment, administered to students in third through eighth grades, is meant to give the Florida Department of Education an indication of how much students have learned over the course of the school year.

Read the full article in the Sept. 1 issue of Navarre Press. Click HERE to subscribe for as little as $38 per year.


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