Students back to school

Buses were running an hour behind schedule Monday, Aug. 15, as Navarre students tried to make their way home from the first day of school.

Delays for buses rolling off the bus ramp were about 35 to 40 minutes behind schedule at West Navarre Primary Principal Jay Price said. He explained that they had to make sure students were going to the right locations.

“It did not go as well as we would like it to but in terms of first day it was pretty normal,” he said. “That is something we see for kiddos this age who may not know their address. Instead of rolling kids out we call and double check. We would rather be right and be late than be on time and be wrong.”

Price said they tried to warn parents ahead of time that their students would likely be arriving late the first few days.

The delays were worse for Holley-Navarre Middle School where some buses ran an hour late.

“Our last bus left out around 4:30,” Principal Joie Destefano said. “First couple of days, we do tend to run late. It takes about a week or so to straighten it out. Usually it’s not as long, but it can happen.We were about 10 or 15 minutes later than usual.”

Students were held in their classrooms and then sorted by buses in the halls. Those with cellphones were advised to call their parents, and the students were allowed to use the office phone to call as well.

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