Why is your mom the best mom?

Students from Mrs. Dozier’s first grade class at West Navarre Primary tell us why their mom is the best.

“My mommy is my life. My mommy takes me places. She plays whith me. She always jumps on the bed whith me. You are the best mommy in the wold.”
Aria Rogers, 6

“I have the best mom in the world! She’s the best cooker. She helps me, and I help her. My mom is the nicest mom in the world. Happey mother day mommey!”
Atilla Duzagodusmez, 7

“I have the best mom in world. My mom givs me kesses all the time. My mom best becase she gives me a toy almos all the time. My mom takes me to the movies, and I love her. Happy mothers day. I love you mama.”
Brooke Pickett, 7

“My mom is the best! She is the best cooker. She lets me play games. She plays ninja with me, and I like it. My mom is the sweetest!”
Ethan Bailey, 7

“My Mom is the sweetest. It’s becaus you take care of us. You help us when we get hurt. She gives me extre hugs. My Mom is the best!!!”
Haleigh Shuping, 7

“I think my mom is the sweetest. I like my mom because she helps me. Also because she is great at cooking. Also becuase she is aways prepard. Nobody is better than my mom.” Juli Hernandez, 7

“I have the best mom in the world. She lets me have sleepovers. She lets me play basesball. She lets me eat candy. Happy mother’s day.”
Logan Badejo, 7














“I have the best mom in the wold! I love you because you visit me. I love you because you give use hugs!! Happy mother’s day mom.”
Maddie Richardson, 7

“I have the best mom. She is the niseis (nicest) mom I ever had. She lets me play baseball all the time. She lets me lay in her bed. Happy mothar’s day.”
Mckale Rudolph, 7

“I have the best mom in the world. My mom make the best cookies ever. My mom is the sweetist. She says sweet things. You are the best mom in the world because you gives me hugs and kiss. My mom is the coolest.”
Xander Rohan, 6

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