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Dr. Howell Tiller, a pioneer in cosmetic surgery

World-renown cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Howell Tiller is the Medical Director of Emerald Coast Med Spa. American-Board Certified, Dr. Tiller has a passion for helping others feel confident in their own body.

Dr. Tiller grew up with intentions of becoming a cardiovascular surgeon, but after being inspired by a neighbor who was a plastic surgeon, his dreams started to shift.

“As I got into medical school and then into general surgery training, I became most interested in plastic surgery,” Tiller said.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Tiller has had the privilege of working with many wonderful patients, many of them being household names, celebrities, etc.

“But to me each of my patients are celebrities of their own and I am honored and humbled for them to have chosen me and my office to work,” he said.

Dr. Tiller started his cosmetic plastic surgery career in 1985 outside of Washington DC at the National Naval Medical Center, where he performed cosmetic and reconstructive procedures on active duty and retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

There he cared for then-President Ronald Reagan, serving as his personal surgeon. Empathetically, Tiller does not reveal the names of any of his patients, well-known or not. But the White House released the details of the President’s treatment. Tiller and his colleagues “worked to remove skin cancer from a very delicate area of the President’s face,” Tiller recalled. “Let me say that President Reagan was the nicest, most considerate person (and he was the patient!) that I’ve ever worked with,” Tiller said. “As we got him situated on the operating room table in preparation for his procedure, he and I discussed horses and other interests we had in common… such a nice person!”

In 1988, Dr. Tiller retired from active duty as a U.S. Navy Commander and became the Director of Watergate Cosmetic Surgery. Seven years later, Dr. Tiller opened a cosmetic surgery practice in Miami, Florida. He also opened South Beach Cosmetic Surgery Center, where he has performed thousands of cosmetic procedures, including body augmentations and face and body lifts.

In 2016, Dr. Tiller returned to the place he calls home – Pensacola, Florida – and opened Pensacola Cosmetic Surgery and currently serves as the Medical Director at Emerald Coast Med Spa in Navarre.

Tiller and his twin brother Allan were born in Milton but lived and grew up in Pensacola with the rest of his family. He went to Pensacola Junior College and University of West Florida, then went to medical school at the University of Louisville, but also planned to make his hometown his final stop.

“I really love being back home,” Tiller said. “I live in an old house in downtown Pensacola, walk to my office just off Palafox, perform surgeries at Baptist, West Florida, Ascension Sacred Heart Hospitals in the most beautiful and friendly small town in America!”

Body implants for men and women are Dr. Tiller’s specialty. He can shape the following areas: facial, chest, bicep/tricep, latissimus, deltoid, sartorius, abdominal, buttock, quadriceps, calf and Dr. Tiller’s Six-Pack Abs.

His successful 37-year career has shaped Dr. Howard Tiller into a pioneer in cosmetic surgery.

Tiller is internationally recognized as a leader in cosmetic surgery for men and women and regularly attends medical conferences as an invited guest to introduce his unique surgical procedures. He pioneered muscle augmentation, specializing in biceps/triceps, pectoral, abdominal, buttock and calf implants.

Tiller says performing surgeries is his favorite part of his job.

“But what makes doing the surgery so important and fun/interesting to me is my connection with my patients,” he said. “Getting to know them, trying to understand their aims, and just becoming part of their lives – all this makes me know that what they want may seem superficial, but it is important… and I take it very seriously.”