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Need a point of sales system for your restaurant? Want the worry taken off your mind if your internet at your business goes down? Looking for a new Voice Over IP system?
OneConnectionIT has you covered with its newest services. And, of course, customers can have peace of mind knowing the locally owned business here in Navarre also offers affordable pricing and a 24-hour help desk that won’t leave you on hold hoping for help with your IT issues.
“We have a great response time. It’s immediate over the phone,” said chief executive officer Andres Plaza.
The internet failover device is one of the best new services offered by OneConnection. It’s a device that provides internet service if the service from your provider goes down.
“If internet goes down at a business, it can mean a loss of productivity. This prevents that from happening until your internet is back up,” Plaza said.
Plaza has no shortage of experience in the world IT. He is equipped to provide the best IT service around to businesses big and small right here in Navarre and beyond. In fact, Plaza still does IT work remotely for a restaurant chain in California.
Plaza has been in Navarre for a little over a year now, moving here from Dallas. His office is located at 1766 Sea Lark Lane, Suite D, but he has close to 20 years of experience in the field, starting with his military career in the Army.
OneConnection has a help desk and 200 technicians available to help resolve any technical issues.
“We do everything remote and can help you out with any IT issue,” Plaza said.
Anyone interested in using OneConnection as its IT provider can reach out to Plaza for a free assessment on the service that is the best fit for your business. From there, Plaza will put together an IT package that best meets the needs of your business. Plaza has helped businesses save nearly 30 percent off what they could typically end up paying for IT service from another company.
“We look at everything and build the package that works for you. We don’t want you paying more than you have to,” Plaza said. “We’re going to stay within your budget.”
All IT packages that OneConnection offers include remote monitoring, virus protection and the ability to access data with ease.
The value of having good IT service can’t be undersold. If a business is running without any tech issues arising, it means it can focus on doing its job and make money.
The great thing about OneConnection is most of the work is done remotely and many problems are taken care of before they affect the business.
“We’re staying on top of things and I’d say 98 percent of the time we are going to resolve an issue before it even becomes a problem,” Plaza said. “We’re going to exhaust every possible option to take care of an issue. If we have to come in, then that means it’s a big problem, but it usually doesn’t get to that point.”
Plaza noted that the company has an infrastructure in place to make sure IT issues are kept to a minimum for a business.
“We take a proactive approach where most companies take a reactive approach,” Plaza said. “Our system is designed to result in minimum downtime for a business. I think that’s what makes us stand out as a company.”
A business that connects with OneConnection when it comes to IT support won’t run into any glitches. It will know exactly what it’s getting in terms of service and that it’s getting the best price for it.
Reach out to Plaza today by email: or by phone: 850-462-4073. You can also visit OneconnectionIT’s web site at

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1766 Sea Lark Lane, Suite D
Navarre FL 32566

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