Common sense gun control

Little by little, piece by piece our liberty seems to be stripping away.  It happens so gradually that we don’t even notice it until it’s too late.  It’s likened to parents who see their little toddler every day and don’t see the gradual growth, but someone who hasn’t seen the child in a while is stunned by the growth.  The changes taking place in our nation seem subtle, until we take a hard look at them – and then we are stunned.

In the aftermath of recent events, gun control is back in the limelight.  While we should take a thoughtful look at gun control measures, we should also keep a reality check handy while doing so.

There is little disagreement that in and of itself a gun can kill no one.  It is an inanimate object without the ability to act on its own.  Someone has to pull the trigger.  The terrorist who pulled the trigger killing 49 people in Orlando could have chosen to activate the suicide vest he was reportedly wearing instead and blown up the place.  He could have opted to drive a truck full of explosives through the building.  He could have killed those people in any number of ways.  The fact is, he wanted to kill them.  A gun control law would not have stopped him.  Murder is against the law – that didn’t stop him.  He would have found a gun somewhere to do what he intended to do.

Stricter gun control laws only punish the lawful.  Should we have background checks for gun purchases?  Absolutely.  A three-day waiting period on handguns?  OK.  We already ban felons from possessing weapons and yet daily felons are arrested for possession of a weapon.  Do you think it is because they don’t know the law?  Doubtful.  So does the government think that a criminal is going to follow the gun control laws while obliterating the other laws?

There are reasonable gun control measures in place.  They won’t prevent a mass shooting, and laws and more control will not either.  Tragedies like this happen.

But we can be known as a nation that comes together in times of trouble and difficulty.  We can comfort those that mourn, pray for those who need healing.  And most of all, if we see something that isn’t right, we can say something.  We are as much a part of prevention as anything else.


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