Cats are born for quarantine

By Inkie Stinkie

Social distancing – purrrfect for me! I don’t need all those lovins anyway. But let me tell you what happened. Freaked me out. I was in a really good nap. A little bit of sun shining on me, I was probably even drooling a little. All of a sudden one of my moms said my other mom was going to work remotely to protect her from getting something called the croni virus. EWW. The next thing I know, I’m being put into my cage, all my treats are bagged up, my litter box and my tower are loaded up…and so am I. The last time I was put in this situation, I went to my doctor’s office – which I really don’t like. So, I was worried.

But this time at the end of the car ride, I was taken into this place – where I’ve never been before. My mom is here with me, but let me tell you, I wasn’t taking any chances – I went straight behind the couch and stayed there. What kind of craziness is this? Is the croni virus here? After a couple hours, I made my way out carefully and took a look around. I finally figured out it was safe. It must be where my mom goes at night after she leaves me at work.

I have all my necessities here:
• Treats
• Napping spot
• Windows
• Critters outside to entertain me
• Treats
• Toys
• Water faucet (my favorite source of water)
• Napping spot

There is even this crate of crochet yarn. It is my new favorite place. It is a great nap spot – so comfy and cozy. And you can run for miles with the string – it is so fun. I’m redecorating the place.
Cats were born for quarantine. You stay over there in your space and I will stay over here in mine…unless I don’t want to. Then you will have to play with me or feed me treats. The only thing I’m missing is all my friends and the noise of the office. Its kinda quiet over here.

Who is Inkie?

My name is Inkie – at least I think it is…I get called Inkie, Stinkie, Stinker, Precious, Baby Girl and sometimes No. Inkie suits me best because my favorite thing in the world is to play with newspaper and get my paws good and covered with ink and then leave a paw-print trail on the white furniture. It’s like a game of hide and seek – just follow my paws!

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