Get your cooling system ready for the heat


Warm weather has arrived and that means air conditioning systems are about to be running at full blast.
One Hour Air Heating and Cooling can help you get ready for the heat wave with its latest special. Customers can save $44 on a preseason maintenance check. The cost is currently $55. It normally runs $99.
“We’ve already experienced our first days of warmer weather,” manager Lonnie Raper said. “We got a massive surge of business that week and it gave us a record February. We had more no cooling calls in February than we had at any time in the past during that month.”
The preseason special gives people a chance to save money and avoid cooling issues.
“We’re basically looking for anything that will cause the system not to operate or not operate efficiently,” Raper said. “We’ll go through your system and make sure it’s ready for the season.”
Something else to keep in mind is the threat of storms. Lightning strikes are common in Florida and can cause severe damage to a cooling system.
“We are in the lightning capital of the United States,” Raper said. “Last year we had over 160 homes that we serviced just in April that had systems damaged by power surges.”
In order to combat that threat, One Hour Air offers a storm kit featuring surge protectors and an upgraded compressor relay to keep the compressor from taking a hit, Buying a package rather than the items separately during One Hour’s Lightning Sale can save you up to $198.
Not only does One Hour meet your heating and cooling needs, it can also take care of your plumbing and electrical needs thanks to the company’s association with Ben Franklin and Mister Sparky. Whole home service plans are offered to cover all of those needs.
As one of the largest companies in the area, One Hour Air is at the forefront of heating and cooling technology. Its technicians are continuously being trained, particularly on systems in smart homes.
Those technicians are also important to One Hour Air’s famous slogan: “Always on time, or you don’t pay a dime.” If the technician is late, One Hour Air will cover the cost of the service and will also fix any problems they misdiagnose for free. All parts and labor are under warranty for two years.
Customers now have the option of taking advantage of a program where a box of filters can be delivered right to your door. Having them on hand makes it easier to change them out and the cost equates to $11 to $12 per filter compared to paying up to $20 for filters purchased individually.
“We started that in October and the program is doing really well. It’s very popular.”
One Hour Air is also looking for new employees and have already added some new faces to its crew.
“Due to the demand, we are growing and hiring,” Raper said. “We expect to have 30 percent more business this year than we did last year based off what we’ve already done in January and February.”


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