Skip Orth, owner of Father and Son Pest and Lawn Solutions, will be holding a workshop open to the public to help homeowners maintain and repair their irrigation systems. Skip says irrigation is the foundation of a healthy lawn. “Without proper, consistent irrigation, any other treatments and fertilization will have very little affect on the health of the lawn. This is especially true right now because we have been in a dry weather pattern.”
Skip explains that most irrigation systems have gaps in coverage, so when we experience long periods of dry weather, these gaps in coverage show up as drought stress and the grass fails to thrive in those areas. “If there is a spot or section of your lawn that never seems to thrive year after year, very possibly it’s lacking proper irrigation coverage.” Skip explains.
According to Skip, there are several quick, simple and inexpensive techniques and adjustments that can often fix gaps in irrigation coverage. Some of these fixes include swapping out one type of sprinkler head for another, adjusting the sprinkler spray pattern, setting the timer to run longer or adding a sprinkler head to the system. Skip will go over all these techniques and more at his workshop.
In addition to helping homeowners improve the coverage of their irrigation systems, the workshop will also cover other things such as replacing a sprinkler head, fixing a broken sprinkler line, setting irrigation timers and much more.
TIME AND PLACE: The workshop will be held Saturday June 22nd from 1:00 pm – 3:00pm at the office of Father And Son Pest and Lawn Solutions 8373 East Bay Blvd. Navarre. Space is limited to 25. To register for the workshop and reserve a seat call Father and Son Pest and Lawn Solutions at 850-939-9868
If you are having trouble keeping your lawn healthy, Father and Son Pest and Lawn Solutions offers FREE LAWN CONSULTATIONS. They can be reached at 850-939-9868 for an appointment. You can also check out their website and Facebook page for more lawn tip and information!

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