Phenomenal Growth Leads Local Lawn Care Business to Expand to New Facility!

Why the phenomenal growth?
Father and Son Pest and Lawn Solutions specializes in solving lawn problems for home owners along the Emerald Coast. Only five years ago Skip Orth, owner of Father and Son Pest and Lawn Solutions was working by himself with only one full-time employee. Now with a staff of 17 employees, they have moved into their new facility at 8373 E. Bay Blvd. in Navarre. Skip attributes the success of Father and Son Pest and Lawn Solutions to the unique approach they take to solving lawn problems. “We are not just another lawn spray company” Skip says. “We understand that not all lawn problems are solved with chemical treatments alone. When we assess the needs of a particular lawn, we check things like irrigation efficiency and environmental conditions along with nutrition and pest activity. We then present a complete remediation recommendation to get the lawn healthy again.”
Skip has actually written a book on lawn care for home owners along the Emerald Coast in which he shares the 30 years of knowledge he has acquired working with lawns along the Emerald Coast. Skip says “This area of the Gulf Coast is one of the hardest places in the country to grow turf grass due to poor soil, pests, diseases and competition from native plants. It takes a lot of specialized effort to keep lawns healthy here.”

Lawn Care Education and Training Center.
One of the features of the new facility that Skip is most excited about is their Lawn Care Education and Training Center. This is a meeting room dedicated to continually training and educating employees and also providing lawn care workshops open to the public. “I do 3 or 4 lawn care workshops for the public every year. In the past, they have been at different locations and we have had great response. We will now be able to hold these workshops in our facility and do them more frequently!” Skip says to look for the fist workshop to be held at their new facility on Saturday, February 10th from 9 until 11 a.m

Refuge for Women administrative office.
Skip is also actively involved in the anti-human trafficking movement and has been instrumental in starting Refuge for Women Emerald Coast, a long term care shelter for women who are victims of human trafficking. Part of the office space at the new facility is dedicated to administrative space for Refuge for Women. “We actually have several people stop in each week and ask how they can help. It’s very encouraging to see so many people in the community eager to help women victimized by human trafficking!”

Father and Son Pest and Lawn Solutions offers FREE LAWN CONSULTATIONS to anyone having problems keeping their lawn healthy. To schedule a free lawn consultation call or text 850-240-7935. Check out their Facebook page: Emerald Coast Lawn Tips or visit their website at

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