Grey Tap Room and Wine Bar

Navarre will have another addition to the restaurant and bar scene in early summer 2018 with the opening of Grey Tap Room and Wine Bar (Grey). “We will have 30 craft beers on tap, bottled domestics and a large assortment of wine,” Huston Walters explained. Huston is the son of Ken and Marissa Walters, the owners of Johnny Huston’s, the local eatery that is just east of the pilings going in for Grey.

When asked why they thought of opening a tap room and wine bar adjacent to their existing successful restaurant, Marissa explained that it will be a nice addition to Johnny Huston’s and that it will ease the wait for tables.  “They can start out at Grey and end up at Johnny Huston’s.”

As far as the name, it all comes down to preferences. “Ken likes the color grey,” said Marissa Walters. She then added that Ken use to be part of a motorcycle group called the Grey Riders, “so maybe that has something to do with it too.”

Grey is slated to be 1,200 square feet and will seat 70 comfortably. The architecture is considered “fish camp” style on pilings. It will be handicap accessible with a ramp up one side and stairs on another. There will be an indoor and outdoor Greystone fireplace, stacked Greystone accents and you guessed it – a grey bar top. There will be wood accents and the seating will be very comfortable with couches and patio lounge seating along with other seating choices. Appetizers will be selected from the Johnny Huston’s menu and made available to the patrons of Grey.

Grey will create an additional 6-10 jobs seasonally and will be open from late afternoon into the evening. There will be a few TV’s and overhead piped in music. The side parking lot will be rearranged and an additional row will be added. “We will lose three parking spaces in the front, but gain 10 on the side,” Marissa said. The new parking arrangement will allow for a circular flow in the side parking lot.

“We are really excited,” said Marissa. “Ken has always wanted to have a bar.”

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The Walters Family; Jake, Ken, Marissa and Huston at their restaurant, Johnny Huston’s.
















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