Breast Cancer Survivor Profile: Kristy Peacock

Kristy Peacock


Age at diagnosis: 35

How it was discovered: By doctor at annual checkup

Treatment: Bilateral mastectomy and full hysterectomy

Status: Doctors can’t find any cancer

“I live the best life that I can, enjoying my family and friends and desperately try not to let those dark moments of, ‘What was that twinge?’ invade on my happiness.”

What she wishes you knew about breast cancer

  1. “It doesn’t affect just women. Men can get it, too.”
  2. “It’s not an older person’s cancer. Young people also get it.”
  3. “It’s not a death sentence. It’s a bad year, but you can beat it.”
  4. “Like all cancers, it’s scary. It’s scary when you get diagnosed. It’s scary when you go through your treatment. It’s scary afterward because you constantly worry it’s going to come back. I’m a 4-year survivor and every little pain, twinge or bump in my breasts I worry until I get it checked out.”
  5. “It takes a tribe to get through. Between doctor visits, medical appointments and procedures you are mentally and physically exhausted. We need help getting to and from some appointments, taking care of our children, cleaning our house, cooking meals, cutting the grass, etc.”
  6. “Our spouses and children need support too. For a year, our house revolves around cancer. They need a break from that world. They need a fun day filled with whatever it is they love to do where the world doesn’t revolve around cancer.”

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