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Author: Riley Hansen

Pensacola International Airport shares success story

The director of the Pensacola International Airport (PNS) presented the progress of the airport at the Santa Rosa County Chamber of Commerce.

The Economic Development, Growth and Education (EDGE) meeting took place on May 3, and a number of business representatives from the community were present to learn about the economic success of one particular business

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Guardian ad Litem program advocates for children

The Guardian ad Litem Program for Children held their annual event to remember the children they serve. The event took place on April 24 at Twin Hills Park in Crestview.

According to the Outreach Coordinator Carita Smith, in the spirit of what the event stood for, the performers were all children.

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Phone call to SRSO regarding Milton mule released

Dan Stewart, the attorney representing Philip Hayes, released the following phone call on May 2. Hayes has been charged with torturing or inflicting pain, serious physical injury or death on an animal, as well as the inhuman slaughter of livestock for an incident on April 12 involving the death of a mule on Deaton Bridge Road in Milton. The phone call is one made by Hayes to the Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office requesting guidance on what to do with the mule. The SRSO released a statement saying Hayes was never cleared to shoot the animal.

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Beach overcrowded: In-season beach events under scrutiny

The Tourist Development Council (TDC) addressed the traffic jams caused by events on Navarre Beach at Monday’s Santa Rosa County Board of Commissioner’s meeting. Julie White, the Tourist Development Director, brought her concern to the commissioners regarding the local events held during peak tourist season.

The proposed Run, Walk and Race Policy would address the domino effect White said the fun runs cause, including multi-hour long traffic delays, closed-off parking lots and local employees having trouble getting to and from work due to the former issues. According to the proposed policy, fun runs would not be allowed on Navarre Beach during the tourist season of March 1 to October 31.

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Commissioners approve land agreement amid opposition

The Board of County Commissioners held a 5-0 vote to approve a memorandum of agreement (MOA) between Santa Rosa County and the city of Milton. The vote occurred at their regular meeting on the morning of Thursday, April 28. They moved the matter to the regular agenda of April 28 after also discussing the matter at the April 25 commission meeting. On Thursday, five members of the community expressed their opinion on the matter—every one of them was against approval of the MOA.

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